Dave & Kerri - THE BRAND

We are photographers who love emotion.  We love love.  We love drama.  We love laughter.  We love excitement.  And we love each other.

We love history.  Our history.  Your history.

We love stories.  Our story.  Your story.


We want to tell your story, so that as your story becomes your family history, you have the photos to go with it.


We aren’t just photographing you for your walls today, we are photographing you for your children and grandchildren.


At Dave & Kerri Photography, the final product is what makes a photograph into a memory.  We believe in printing your images.  We remember looking through old family photo albums as children, and how the act of holding a photo felt like touching history.  Our job isn’t done until your photos are turned into prints and are tangible memories for you to hold now and for your grandchildren to touch someday so that they can feel your memory.