Chris & Aliceson Found Perfection - A Wedding in Tilton, NH

In their own words, “A girl with a love for pink, baseball, and Harry Potter meets a guy with a love for blue, baseball, and Harry Potter” is how Chris and Aliceson described their wedding theme to us before the big day. And after spending the day with them and photographing their wedding, that basically sums it up. This was one of the most fun yet elegant weddings of the year. Their color theme was, appropriately, pink and blue, the boutonnieres were made from baseballs, and the Harry Potter themed reception was subtle and elegant yet still fun and perfect for this fun couple. Oh, and did I mention that there was BREAKFAST for dinner at their reception, including a pancake bar? Yup. Bacon and pancakes for everyone!

When they each “swiped right” a few years back, they couldn’t have known the road that swipe would lead them down…with a first date at Applebee’s, a sunset cruise marriage proposal, and a perfect fall wedding at La Piece-The Room in Tilton, NH.

Their self-written vows during the reception may have caused a few tears…and a certain photographer may have been amongst the tearful group.

As I’m trying to write this blog, I’m finding it difficult to explain the day or talk about Chris and Aliceson succinctly, as they are both so dynamic, engaging, fun, and interesting, I’m finding it hard to pick one or two things to talk about. So rather than ramble on about how wonderful and fun these two are, and how much we laughed with them and enjoyed their wedding, I’m just going to leave you with this:

Chris and Aliceson are truly meant for each other, their love for each other shines above all else (even her glitter Chuck Taylors), and they planned the PERFECT wedding for themselves and their friends and family. And here are some photos to describe it better than I ever could.