A Gorgeous Wedding in Kennebunkport

We love hearing how people met. Sometimes it’s very simple, sometimes it’s a crazy coincidence, sometimes it’s because of Mother Nature! It always seems, though, that even with the seemingly simple stories, if you dig a little deeper, there’s more to it than that. On the surface, you might say that Christian and Andrea “met at a bar”…but the reality is actually much more curious and unexpected than that. They actually met because of a hurricane and a tardy friend! Andrea was displaced by Hurricane Irma, and Christian’s friend was late, and so they both ended up in the same restaurant bar where conversation was had, and dinner plans were made…and the rest is history.

Originally from New England, and having spent summers in Kennebunkport, ME most of her life, Andrea knew that she really wanted a Maine wedding. They chose the spectacular Nonantum Resort for their wedding celebration. Friends and family came from all over…from as far as Alaska…to celebrate with them.

They both had their fair share of wedding day nerves, but it really seemed that they were only nervous because the wanted to be sure the other person was ok and having a great time. As soon as they saw each other at their First Look, every drop of nerves seemed to fade away and time just seemed to slow down for Christian and Andrea. It’s no secret that we love First Looks, and this one was one of my favorite of the year, purely because of Christian’s reaction to seeing his gorgeous bride in her stunning wedding gown. I think he was speechless for a minute or two as he took it all in. And then we got a thumbs-up from him, and we knew things were back to normal.

Their day included a sailboat ride, a ceremony with more laughter than any I can remember, the best boots I’ve EVER seen with a wedding dress, a karaoke-style Maid of Honor speech, a phenomenal band, and SO much dancing. In a word…Christian and Andrea’s day was perfection from start to finish.